eCat is an electronic marketplace that allows you to order products from a variety of suppliers. You will find real time availability of products at MIT’s contracted pricing.
In addition, if you purchase items from a preferred or partner vendor in eCat, you are not required to obtain a competitive bid.
Most orders can be placed through eCat. Always check first to see if an item can purchased here.
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Authorization to order through eCat is based on your SAP profile. If you are not sure that you are set up in SAP, check with your department's financial or administrative officer. You may also check your own authorization status by going to the Web Interface to the Roles Database and select the link "My authorizations" (requires certificates).
If you have questions about eCat, contact
NOTE: Not all products are searchable. If you cannot find a product using the search function, don't give up, it might still be available.
Go to the vendors' sites and try searching for it there.